Soul strengthening: How our souls get reborn

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Why, reborn? 

Because virtually every child is born of the soul, of the mammalian brain in charge. As is every mammal.

And tragically, unlike every other mammal species child where their group reinforces their soul being in charge by manifesting it themselves, vicarious learning...

Except for Aboriginal cultures, as yet undestroyed, complex cultures of the last 7,000 years are toxic to the soul being in charge, having become enslaved with almost no exceptions to the spirits of flash head. And thinking that virtue. Hence the virtual learning available to the child, the dominant way of learning, the most powerful, actualizes disempowered soul, hyperempowered spirits of flesh head.

Hence the soul needing to be reborn.

What reborn means:

- Revitalized. Brain tissue, in this case the limbic system, strengthens and grows with use, and atrophies with unuse.
- Liberated. Released from debilitating disempowering, deprivation of power by, the spirits of flesh/head that were allowed to raise to prominence.

Does Rebirth of the Soul happen?

That's a tragically important question. And the answer is quite unclear.

The flesh / head spirits being in charge is clinical addiction. Everyone's familiar with the subject knows that clinical addiction is rarely overcome.

It does occur, but rarely.

The primary factors in rebirth are environmental:

Just as the death of the soul is environmental, rebirth of the soul is almost always environmental. Dramatic, monumental, return of an environment rich in individuals with the soul in charge. The population that matters here is not the global population at large as much as the population local to the individual in question, the individual soul in question, that saturates the individual environment positively or negatively.

It's not the addictive agents, it's the lack of healthy environment. Rat park

Until recent decades to come and wisdom regarding addiction was based on studies that placed rats in a cage
With two canisters of water, one plain water, the other laced with heroin. And as expected the rats drank the heroin laced water exclusively until they killed themselves.

But finally a researcher noticed, rats in a cage with only canisters of water. That's not the natural rat environment. What would rats do in rat park? An environment rich in things that rats are designed to be healthy with?

The answer was, they drank the plain water and ignored the water laced with heroin. They were starving for life and they heroin laced water was their self medication for the pain of that starvation.

How our souls, our mammalian brain, limbic system, gets reborn:

Placed the individual in human Park, as much as is possible. And for most of us that means, change our self so that the we are that positive environment for the next person we encounter.

The man Jesus made of himself that individual, and was the shock treatment it would seem for zacchaeus, Mary Magdalene, and maybe several others.

Gandhi made of himself that radically healthy mammalian brain for the population of india, and much of the world but it did not persist.

The degree to which your soul, mammalian brain, is alive and somewhat prominent, you can probably reflect on the one or five or 10 people throughout your life whose own health is responsible for yours.

The odds are extremely poor:

Any number of times and ways Jesus said, the gate is narrow and few will enter in. And history proves that he is correct.

But Jesus and his spiritual kin each have doubtless saved one or several other souls.

This is our opportunity. Opportunity for what? 
1. The only joyful life that is available to us because the only life that can cause those chemicals to pump, the chemicals that feel like joy, are radical service of others.
2. No, not saving the world, but maybe saving another soul from slavery to flash head spirits, to the joyful life of soul, mammalian brain in charge.

The kingdom of heaven inside you, simply for the attempt. Every breath that you do.