Soul strengthening: What does the soul care about death, pleasure...

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No, stop the flesh head spitits b*******. It is beside the point that all other mammal species fornicate, seek food, run from danger, and fight when attacked.

How many humans are free of making a fetish of these things, an obsession, enslaving themselves to these things? One in 100 million. Look at them, they're here.

We too are mammals, our limbic system, is our mammalian brain, is our soul and it's the spirit that is holy in us. The one in 100 million proof that the joyful life of all other mammal species is ours by birthright and robbed from us by the cultures that we perpetuate. 

Are you really okay with perpetuating that? Among the small circle you might influence? We're not.

Disciples of Jesus, for the collective joyful life of it.