Disciple James log: The Sabbath was made for (HUMANITY), not (HUMANITY) for the sabbath.

 My guess is that the prevailing translation is incorrect. All these thousands of years. All the struggling with what did Jesus mean by referring to the son of man? Humanity. He was highlighting his sacred value, what was the divine, godly, feature of us, our humanity. So much more that he said and exemplified makes sense with this new lens in place.

Beginning several months ago I discovered, and I confirm continually, that the practice of the Sabbath weekly is necessary to the vitality of my humanity. And my ability to help restore the natural humanity of others.

It tends to be that the mornings of Saturday and Sunday are less dangerous to travel with Sol due to reduced business traffic on the roads.  So more and more frequently this weekly practice of sabbath, withdrawal from most external stimulus into a place of solitude, will take place on Friday or Monday. Today, monday, is the day this week.

There is much left within me, of humanity, which is a function of my soul in charge, mammalian brain, limbic system, and it's spirit that is holy. But clamoring for control of me are the spirits of my head and the spirits of my flesh.

It is crucial that every breath as much as possible my humanity, the fruit of my soul, my holy spirit, reigns within me. And with increasing success that's the case. Partly due to my new practice of weekly allowing a whole day for the free uninterrupted rain of my humanity, the consolidation of its insights from the prior week, rest and restoration for the coming week of my humanity and my physical vessel.

This new insight, that humanity was Jesus experience of the divine within him and others, may be an original thought to me, sadly, or it may have been sparked by something I read not too many years ago by The scholar Dominic Crossan. The latter, I hope, because there is more hope in several arriving at the same truth than just one. But I do not recall, sadly, that he reached quite that point. Almost. I think he did suggest that Jesus teachings and practices were a recognition that physically Rome was going to destroy them all, but that they could choose that Rome could not destroy their humanity, their soul, their holy spirit. And he set his life to achieve that with as many souls as possible. And we can see evidence of his efforts today. Obviously children of the same father that Jesus had. Humanity.

And this is where we all are in 2024, the Palestinians being the canary in the coal mine that we are not saving.