Disciple James log: They should have sent a poet

Though she had dedicated her short lifetime to this moment she was overwhelmed when an unfolded before her. Dr arroway in the movie contact.

73 years I've been preparing and as connections are unfolding before me I'm finding it overwhelming.

It may be transitory, a matter of minutes or hours. But maybe not.

Compassion. Compassion is god. Compassion is the miracle. Compassion is The Giver of Life. Compassion is the central nature of the child as born until we begin to eviscerate and amputate and kill it. We kill god. 

Jesus work was to cause compassion, our child, to be reborn. And those where it happened became the Miracles among us. https://www.jesianity.info/2023/12/we-teach-life-sir.html You can do the same, for the joyful life of it. So can i.

Not love, compassion. Though they in a relationship.