Notice: One thing is sacred on this site, Jesus 1010 moral teachings and moral example.

The miracle of Jesus is not that he was God who became man. It is that he was man who refused to be other than human, humane. At any cost. At every cost. Declining temptation after temptation after temptation, for his life, and ours.

One thing is sacred on this site, Jesus 1010 moral teachings and moral example.

Everything else, everything else, everything else on this site Springs from, and is springing from, these. As all healthy life Springs from healthy soil. Jesus teachings and moral example are the healthy soil.

Tragically, this site, and the understanding represented by Jesianity itself, is the full-time work of only one individual, so far, james, the one writing here. Disciple James as he understands the joyful service he is called to, being a disciple, a disciplined devoted student, follower, servant of Jesus work and vision before me. Who would want to be other than this? None in their right mind. Who is not called to be this? None in their right mind. 

We simply have seen that the answer to joyful abundant Life was seen and shared 2,000 years ago by a man named jesus. Was quickly buried by the same religious dogma that he lived and died to save us from, the deafness and blindness and deadliness of organized religion and cultures based on selfishness. Only the name changed.

Unless and until capacity for this mission grows by others joining in, this repository, this website, will remain sadly disorganized. It simply cannot be the priority to maintain it with excellence including resequencing these posts so that the 1010 teachings is always the most obviously prominent. But this notice page is likely to attempt to stay at the top and communicate that.


The mature disciple of jesus:

  • Out of hundreds or thousands of hours of deep deep open-hearted pondering of Jesus 1010 teachings and example, approximately the following has manifest itself within them:
  • Everyday they understand Jesus more, as Jesus explains himself, and of course no one else can. Because when one has most or all of his teachings and example in mind, they begin explaining each other,
  • Every breath joyful abundant Life, or at least peaceful, in the world, that they see clearly is otherwise unbearable material hell for themselves and all of creation,
  • Their gratification is from the joy of serving others, not the pleasure of serving themselves,
  • That they now live from within the Kingdom of Heaven within them, their soul, their holy spirit, their child within, their mammalian brain,
  • They find that they are not I, anymore, but rather we, themselves and the father within them,
  • That they are now less and less if ever slave to the spirits of their head and flesh,
  • That life itself is joyful and abundant life, nothing else is, that they demand for themselves and more so for all other creatures, or at least in this otherwise unbearable world they find peace,
  • That given the choice between their own joyful life being terminated cruelly on the cross, and possibly causing joyful abundant Life in another soul, they would choose the former in a heartbeat,
  • That they have found after wide open-hearted study that Jesus undiluted unobscured unadulterated teachings and example are the purest, surest, most certain path back to the joyful abundant Life of early childhood,
  • That if and when they see a purer more promising more efficient path for themselves and others to pure joyful abundant Life every breath, they will switch to it in a heartbeat publicly and clearly,
  • That the joyful abundant Life can be aptly understood as serving from the soul the neediest souls in solidarity for the individual and collective joy of it,
  • That whether or not God is outside of them, creator, by whatever name, Creator is inside of them since birth but buried by sick erroneous lost culture including if not especially religious culture, and the task is to unbury it from, liberat it from, what might be called the evil spirits of head and flesh,
  • And no longer can the truthful hope for world redemption, saving the world from its final destruction. Jesus clearly saw that at the end of his life. We are thousands of years too late for that. But we are not too late to save our own soul, our own joyful life regardless of external circumstances, and thereby infinitely more importantly become a potential path for someone in front of us or beside us or way downstream from us to do the same. That's our joyful task. There is none other. It's heaven, every breath, in the attempt.
The degree to which anything and everything on this website leads toward the above it is good, and the degree to which it does not it is evil / error / sin. 

It awaits your constructive important well-intended comments on any and every page in the comments section. They will be read, they will be considered.

And until such time as it becomes the priority, to update the entire site with the revelations occurring every day, this first page on the site will be kept current, and need be the prism thru which all the rest is read and considered. Also the other most current logs.