Disciple James log: Eureka? Huge. Instant Operating System Reset.

Disciple James Log, June 7th, 2024. 

This is an exciting discovery and it may be fundamentally important. that with all the building blocks James has been learning, he didn't understand was the need to refresh the operating system, maybe dozens of times a day. 

Jesus spoke of the will of the flesh. Let's see, yes, the will of the flesh. 

Well, no, so he did speak of three, 1. the will of the flesh, 2. the will of man or 3.being born of God. So he did speak of three. 

James understands that the will of the head, the will of the flesh or the will of the humanity within him, his Holy Spirit, his soul. 

And what clicked in place in waking downloads received this morning. James, remember how late winter he was, up in the Colorado mountains, it was Divine, you would invoke your Holy Spirit to be in charge of you. and at that time you received the understanding that you have three different spirits that can be in charge of you: 1 your head, 2 your flesh, and they often work together, or 3 your soul. your Holy Spirit you came to understand it. 

and that was a Divine month or so, not Blissful but ecstatic. you were in the

and then for the last two or 3 months it's been much more sporadic. 

but a couple of weeks ago, maybe a month
ago, about a month ago James, you had this
euphoric Insight...  no not holy spirit, humanity! and you would say to yourself unleash your humanity james unleash your humanity! sometimes multiple times a day you'd say that and it was a good really good brief period!? 

with the insight yesterday that maybe it really is the only choice you have james the only substantive choice is which spirit is going to be in charge or with the insight yesterday which operating system you're going to have in charge, that's really your only choice, everything else is consequential, a consequence of that choice at the moment, you started saying to yourself yesterday James, which operating system James, which operating system? 

and you would say that whenever you felt that the operating system wasn't feeling quite right and sure enough the operating system that is the will of your head or the operating system that is the will of your flesh was creeping into control. 

well all that came together this morning. james for a month or so in late winter what you were saying to yourself, whether you're walking through the walmart or on the side of the road about to get killed because you have a problem with your broken down vehicle... spirit holy James, spirit holy you would say.  and all of a sudden things were right! 

and yesterday james you found yourself saying which operating system James, which operating system?  

And all of a sudden things fell back into place the way you would want to feel, your Holy Spirit being in charge. 

So what was going on, James? 

You were resetting your operating system. 

My brother, Dave, also being called by Creator strongly. Meditation is very important to him, and meditation has saved my life at various points. 

And what I realized with all this this morning, James, what does meditation do? It resets your operating system! It breaks the stranglehold that your will of your flesh or the will of your head, more likely for you, James, gets on you. It breaks that stranglehold and gives your humanity a chance to be in charge again. And what clicked was, well, James, when you were saying, Spirit holy, James, Spirit holy, sometimes out loud, sometimes in your mind, sometimes under your breath, it had that same effect and it was instantaneous! 

Which operating system, James? Which operating system, James? And it was having the same effect. So that's what you weren't understanding, James. 

And maybe this will now be the sustained fix to keep you in the will of your humanity and not in the death grip of the will of your flesh and the will of your head. We'll see. Very exciting to try. 

And if it doesn't work, James will certainly report that out along with his screaming in agony because it is miserable when he gets in the death grip of this will of his head and the will of his flesh.