Disciple James log: Physician, heal thyself.


This first came to mind with some lessons that Creator is giving me. Physician, heal thyself. That it was said by Jesus in the gospel Was something I had no idea of.

And what Jesus meant by saying it, I have no clear idea.

But in my greedy struggles to become a capable disciple, it has been brought to my mind.

My understanding is that Jesus understood us as sick, ill, unhealthy with respect to what we had been created to be. The least of his concerns was us physically, our flesh. He said, the spirit is life, the flesh means nothing. And of course his life was in accordance with that.

We were born as creations of creator. Therefore we were born in creators image. And which of us reaches adulthood with much or any of that image intact?

Jesus said, unless you convert and become like a little child, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus is widely known as a Healer, though mistakenly, A Healer of the flesh. Casting out sick spirits, unhealthy, evil spirits, were the Miracles that he and allegedly his disciples achieved.

And we're told that Jesus developed his skills on himself, casting out Satan as the spirit that is Satan tempted him in the desert.

Various stories in the gospel tell us that Jesus mere presence was healing. That he was so consummately healthy in spirit,  that it rejuvenated the spirit of others, their humanity, just by his presence. Each of us can probably reflect on experiences we've had however brief, of being in the presence of someone that was so healthy, that at least momentarily it brought our own Spirit of humanity toward health. This is my own referent group in addition to Jesus. In terms of what it is to be in the image of creator, healthy, humane, one's Humanity intact.

There's a danger in this line of thinking that the disciple can go off in a cave and spend their life working on themselves. But not if this is properly understood. Because Humanity exists in an individual to serve Humanity in all. That cannot be done through a life in a cave. One's Humanity will not allow it. Once Humanity really wants to be among people attempting to bring Health to them. To cast out evil spirits.

James, the one writing here, has made so little progress down the path. Among the traps see frequently finds himself in is looking down on the inhumanity of others, when he has so far to go in his own. It is such a cheap rush to judge others. To be the satisfied with others.

James, is it Humanity that you love, or is it that you prefer being surrounded by those are that are Humane for your own selfish interests? For James so far? Both.

And that's as ugly and miserable as being a physician, the motive for the position being that they want to be around healthy people for their own pleasure. James is not entirely like this unattractive physician, but he wants to be unlike this unattractive physician entirely. Much work to do. But some progress is being made, little by little.