Disciple James log: You spend every waking second making yourself into a child of God or a child of satan.

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Every waking second one is making of themselves a child of god or a child of satan. 

This is really good news. 

Did you realize this? James didn't until NOW. But upon reflection it's obvious that how we spend our time how we spend our attention determines who we are. We are made up of what we spend our waking seconds on, what we spend our seconds on. 

Simone Biles has spent her seconds making of herself a great gymnast just as one example. 

None of us can escape that we are made up of our waking seconds and how we spend them and certainly jesus said and instructed us and educated us to spend our waking seconds to make ourselves back into children of god children of creator,  for the intrinsic joy of that, and the collective potential good of that. 

What a helpful certainty there is in the fact of this. An encouraging certainty.

We can't escape how we spend the seconds of our lives how we spend the conscious attention that we have makes us into something. Therefore it is under our control who we become. 

How the world responds to that is not in our control ever. 

But if it is true that to be return ourselves, to remake ourselves, to that which we were created, children of creator, how could it be otherwise, that that's what we were to be,  if it is true that that is intrinsically joyful, then an intrinsically joyful life is under our control regardless of what happens externally. 

Millions would argue against what was just said here. 

James' life personally argues to him proves to him that it is correct. And his observation of the enviable lives throughout history argues that Jesus is correct and this understanding articulated in this log is correct.