Back Under construction. Huh?

 The site is back under major construction, unexpectedly. And it's a wonderful thing.

Who has ever tried following jesus, not Jesus and paul, not Jesus and John revelations, not Jesus and the pope, or the pastor, just jesus? This is not a rhetorical question. Please tell me. Disciple James here.

James doesn't know of anyone, so in trying it, he has no points of reference, so maybe he should be forgiven for the constant surprises that he encounters and shares.

The other disciples? They were not. Whatever they were, they were not. They opened their own franchises under his name and modified it. Maybe it's the best thing that ever happened to the world. Maybe it's the worst. But it was not discipleship of jesus.

James is trying to discipleship of jesus. His thousand and 10 teachings the beginning and the end. But how to apply them? How to understand them? What do they mean? Take heed how he understand, he exhorted us. To them that have understanding more will be given, to them that have little what they have will be taken away.

James has received two major downloads today. The first is that unlike what is stated elsewhere in this site prominently, no, no, not everyone is called to be a disciple, and if they are, they have not been chosen for it by the father. Maybe tens of thousands are called to be Disciples of Simone biles, but only Simone biles so far was chosen for the task.

And then the next download, equally an astonishing revelation. Jesus didn't call just disciples, obviously in hindsight, but he called everyone to the kingdom, out of empire, into the kingdom.

Creator willing, by the end of today the two major video logs will be transcribed, added prominently to the beginning of this website, and uploaded to the video channel.

And over the next two or three days, the pages on this website updated accordingly. A major undertaking.

For the frightening lesson of four or five days ago, James will attempt to undertake this without self-abuse, inappropriate exhaustion.