Disciple James log: Proper prayer is uniting with your soul. Jesus'way.


James, the one writing here, the notion of prayer was abhorrent to me. Asking some sky father to do something for me? Hideous. Heaven isn't being served, by a sky God or anyone. It is serving, trying to make the world more humane.

But that's the Christian idea, and like almost everything christian, it's wrong. It is not Jesus way.

Jesus taught us to pray, thy kingdom come, thy will be done.

And where did he say the kingdom is? The kingdom of God will not come through observation, he said, for behold, it is within you. And if the kingdom is within us, so is creator, and it is our soul, our humanity, the goodness that is part of us when we are born, that we let religion and culture decimate within us.

The purpose of Jesus life, his teachings and examples, were to resurrect our humanity, our soul, our goodness, and to put them back in charge of our lives, every breath.

In this hell world where every hour 20 people in America drink themselves to death in desperation, despair, it is salvation, and the world is getting much worse, real fast.

Being in creators will, that faculty within us, is salvation from that, it doesn't physically remove it, quite the opposite. It devotes us to trying to help save other souls from the psychological, spiritual, misery, as best we can, and it rewards us every breath that we make the attempt.

For me, james, the one writing here, there are several elements to the process and I need them all. 

  • The mere effort to pray moves my soul into charge of me liberating me from the spirits of my head and my flesh that are constantly after me, enslaving me.
  • Silently saying to myself when needed, spirit holy, james, Spirit holy, be your Holy Spirit, behumane, like jesus. Be humane, james, and thereby regenerate humanity.
  • Observing a period, a day, every week, whereas thoroughly as I can, very thoroughly, eliminating everything from my life except for pondering of jesus' words and example, praying, meditating.
Jesus did this type of practice, a lot, and he exhorted us to do the same. Every enviable Soul in history has had this sort of practice. It is necessary to save ourselves from the insanity of empire in all its insidious forms. And to thereby equip ourselves and engage ourselves to help others do the same. It's heaven.


  1. That observation/meditational practice for me is key for me to expel my energy to help others (or to even see that I can be of help) *Brandon C*


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