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Disciple James log: Be humane. Is this the solution to life?

Disciple James log: Revelation - Unless you hate your very life in this world, you cannot be my disciple

Disciple James log: Breakthrough. Humanity.

Disciple James log: You neither know me nor my father, Jesus said.

Disciple James log: The Sabbath was made for (HUMANITY), not (HUMANITY) for the sabbath.

Disciple James log: Monumental breakthrough for me.Jesus ultimate value was goodness, I think. The fruit of the Holy spirit.

Disciple James log: someone tried to hijack the vehicle last night. They didn't know I was inside.

Disciple James log: if you are not leaving an important story of goodness, james, you are the problem.

Disciple James log: when you feel in control, reasonable, rational, you are of no hope, james.

Disciple James log: The Jesus van stopped

Disciple James log: the empire umasked. this may be an important inflection point for me.

Jesianity: I believe Jesus is the son of god, I just don't believe what he has to say.

Jesianity: Jesus' Jesianity in 6 Words: Be your holy spirit. It's heaven!

Jesianity: Why this 2023 re-resurrection of Jesus?

Jesianity: You are the Prodigal Child: A. Your kingdom of Heaven inside? Or, B. Your kingdom of Hell inside? That's it.

Jesianity: Jesus' 1010 Gospel Instructions & Examples