Disciple James log: the message I have received and joyfully live, the message I share.

Disciple James log: Disciple and Agents

Agent Mark log: We must observe the sabbath, but the Sabbath is made for man, not man for the sabbath.

Disciple James log: MAKE the tree good and its fruit good....

Disciple James log: why Jesus called us not into groups, but one-on-one relationships.

Agent Mark log: I want to be what Jesus wanted us to do!

Disciple James log: What does the Jesian want?

Disciple James log: Praying does not come naturally to james. He needs to fix that I think.

Disciple James log: Escaping The matrix is not possible. Only choosing which matrix to exist in.

Disciple James log. Jesus said that his disciples would be forsaken by those of their town, their family, those around them.

Disciple James log. Imagine the most dehumanized downtrodden beaten down person. Imagine someone reawakening their sense of humanity, that they are human, that they are a human. This was Jesus ministry. Pat tip to Albert nolan.

Disciple James log: We trade in our souls to become a commodity that we can sell for other commodities in the system. Jesus had a different idea.

Disciple James log: A variety of thoughts

Disciple James log: it took a lot of work to achieve, but Jesus is my co-pilot now. And creator.

Disciple James log: Graduation Day! day. Graduated from novice, to beginner disciple. Big big day.

Disciple James log: Jesus is the only radical revolutionary in human history.

Disciple James log: Pt 1. I always do what pleases the father. Jesus. How??!#&!??

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